Sunday, August 5, 2007

bags galore.. i think i have bag fever and other stuff

Here is bag i was experimenting with today. i didnt have a pattern for it. i saw a picture of one similar (but nicer obviously) and figured i would experiment with it.. I still have a bit more improving on this bag but i thought it was cute...
this bag went a lot smoother. i finished both bags today (sunday) and both took hardly anytime at all. I was surprised how easy the paisley bag below went so smoothly without having a pattern or anything to go by. it seemed easy in my head but i did have to do plenty of seam ripping. not too bad tho..

I am also in the works of making to of the patchwork quilted bags for friends of mine. hopefully they will go smoothly. I like trying new things so its hard to stay dedicated to the ones i have already done but I will get them done.
6 weeks and counting till matt leaves and I already have a few christmas gifts completed. i had better slow down or i wont have anything to do while matthew is gone... oh well.
I have also been thinking about making stuff to try to sell at the market on saturday mornings.. I have tons of fabric and since I will have a lot of time alone i figured i could make a lot and save up for when i can go to do it downtown... i dont know... its just an idea at the moment...

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