Monday, November 12, 2007

I have made only 2 bags since matts been gone.. the pink one pictured here and the bag i made for my friend. i have just had no time what soever to sew. i miss it so much but i have been running around with the kids like a chicken with its head cut off. i cant wait to get to making more. i know with the holidays coming up and my trip to delaware next week i know i wont be getting many if any done. but maybe i can get some started or something...

jen bag

i have been trying to work on this bag for over a month or so now and i finally had the time to finish it so here is my friend jens bag...

Sunday, September 9, 2007

pleaty bag

this bag is very large. about 30-40 cm wide and about 35cm deep and it was my first attempt at pleats.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

polka tote

this is the second bag of the night. and i am calling it quits for the night finally at 10:30. i feel very productive. i have another bag in mind to make but ill save that for tomorrow (maybe)
hope you like them...

the amy bag

Friday, September 7, 2007

this week...

Make up bag
feminie Hygeine numero uno
small wallet
I made another wallet for a friend of mine with pink skulls.. (same layout as above)

Crayon holder
small bucket bag

Feminine hygeine case.. numero dos

did you notice my little labels... ;) its a picture of two owls with Crazy Owl Creations around it... yea yea i know its korny.. but everyone has the right to be and i just am not afraid to say that i know i am...

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

my latest creation...

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

here are two new bags i made. the patchwork one is similar to the first patched bag i made a while back expect it is about half the size. i think i like this one more that the first one..
the pink bag was a pain. i bought a pattern and this in my first patterned bag. i originally meant for the inside of the bag to be a darker purple version on the pink fabric but when i was sewing it i got turned around somehow and it ended up being the lining. but i still like it.. and it is also a little stiffer than i would like but i did what it called for. next time i will use not so much interfacing...

Sunday, August 5, 2007

bags galore.. i think i have bag fever and other stuff

Here is bag i was experimenting with today. i didnt have a pattern for it. i saw a picture of one similar (but nicer obviously) and figured i would experiment with it.. I still have a bit more improving on this bag but i thought it was cute...
this bag went a lot smoother. i finished both bags today (sunday) and both took hardly anytime at all. I was surprised how easy the paisley bag below went so smoothly without having a pattern or anything to go by. it seemed easy in my head but i did have to do plenty of seam ripping. not too bad tho..

I am also in the works of making to of the patchwork quilted bags for friends of mine. hopefully they will go smoothly. I like trying new things so its hard to stay dedicated to the ones i have already done but I will get them done.
6 weeks and counting till matt leaves and I already have a few christmas gifts completed. i had better slow down or i wont have anything to do while matthew is gone... oh well.
I have also been thinking about making stuff to try to sell at the market on saturday mornings.. I have tons of fabric and since I will have a lot of time alone i figured i could make a lot and save up for when i can go to do it downtown... i dont know... its just an idea at the moment...

finished today

these are two bags i completed today. the smaller one is about 7 inches long by about 3-4 inches. it has a clip that you can clip to keys or whatever.. i plan to make several of these....

the other bag is a shoulder bag.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

my workspace (and matts)

This is our workstation. it can no longer be considered our dining room table b/c it has been covered with our hobby stuff for about a month now.. any time we eat we have to move my stuff... hopefully we will work out a space for a desk and a place to work on our hobbies simultaneously.....
the wavy bag is a fabric shopping bag and the green bag is a wristlet i sewed for kristin for her Bday..

This is what a Hipslinger/fanny pack.. I love it and already have someone who wants one.. a friend of mine just laughed and called me a dork but i know she is envying my new "hipslinger"

here is my brand new bag i just finished tonite... VERY PROUD OF THIS ONE. it took me a full week of sewing about a few hours a night. it is patchworked and quilted. that is why it took so long....

here is the bag in the "works". i am glad it is done and now i can use it...

here are some of my projects for the past week or so... i sew usually every night after matt goes to work. I imagine that after he leaves I will find myself knee deep in projects to sew... i enjoy it though...


i have a new addiction to fabric.... cant seem to get enough...

Thursday, July 19, 2007

new hobby

I have decided to start a blog simply for the opportunity to show off the things I am making and the things going on in my life.. I have finally found a hobby that I really enjoy and I really hope that it sticks around for a while. (a long while) It helps keep me sane while matt works and releives the tension from the day I had.

this picture is the first completed non clothing item i have done.. I got the pattern from a sewing forum. i have no clue why i cut the corners off. but i thought it was pretty good for my first attempt..

The second picture is of a modified version of the first wallet. I didnt take into account some measurements so i had to rip seams about 6 times but it turned out pretty good..

I have also made some little wristlet purses. and here is one of them. they are about 6 inches wide.