Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I have been searching the web a bit lately and have seen some great stuff to make with felt. I am really wanting to make something with felt. whether its a brooch or just a little stuffed toy of whatever I just want to make something cute. I saw somewhere on another blog where they made felt food for their kids to play with. Its just a cute idea. I think my kids would get a big kick out of. I even saw somewhere where they made a dog food bowl and water bowl and I know that my kids would love it. They have been playing with their stuffed dogs constantly.

The donut is from

The dog is from

There are just endless uses and so many ideas going through my head. I cant wait to get moving on it.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My fabric yo-yos

I have become addicted to making fabric yo-yos. they are super simple to make and look cute. I usually make them while my dh and I are watching movies... we dont have cable so we watch movies and rent the tv shows we like to watch. I am going to fill up the jar with yo-yos made from the fabric scraps from previous projects. arent they just awesome.!!!

Matchbook notebooks

These are matchbook notebooks that I made using computer paper and scrapbook paper. I love stationary so I just love them. they are perfect for fitting in small pockets for quick lists and anything really. there were super easy to make too...
you can also see the owl stamp that I made. I looked at michaels and acmoore for some cute owl stamps and small ones that size were 10-15 dollars so I decided to make one..

Belt Buckle

I made this for a friend. its a belt buckle that I put resin over. It was intended to be a christmas present but didnt get done it time.

Buns the sock bunny

My sister and I have started a weekly or biweekly craft day. this week was our first craft and we made sock animals. My dd wanted a bunny so I made a bunny. It turned out to be pretty shabby but she loves and thats all that really matters. My sister made a sock monkey zombie for my ds. Im excited to see how hers comes out. If she lets me I'll post it too.. but here is my attempt at a sock bunny... I kinda can't help but feel sorry for him.. ;)

Introducing Herman

I have decided to try to include my “pet” owl Herman in every picture I take for this blog. He will be my mascot per se. so keep an eye out… maybe when I get going good with this blog I’ll make a contest or something out of finding him… anyway I doubt anyone is even really reading this as of yet so no time soon.. I’m excited though about my venture with craft blogging… I don’t remember if I said this in the previous blog but I have really enjoyed checking out other blogs and I hope that one day my blog will be an inspiration to someone else…

oh yea and before I forget here is Herman…

Isn’t he a cutie!!! He usually sits in my car but my dd brought him inside and I thought it might be funny to include him in my blog since I love owls…

Hoot Hoot


My paper box

What used to be 3 cereal boxes is now my paper organizer for all of my different paper products and scrapbook stuff. It took a good bit of my day but i think it turned out pretty good considering what it used to be... and it saved me 20 bucks on buying one somewhere..

I spent a good bit of my day today trying to learn how HTML and CSS works. I am still pretty confused about where exactly all the correct stuff goes but I am learning. (slowly but I am more comfortable with the thought of messing with HTML) Ii will eventually figure it out. but it was fun trying to learn. Its been about 7 years since I have really learned anything that was remotely hard to figure out so I kind of enjoyed it..

my craft room

well i am trying my hand at doing a better job keeping up my blogs. my years resolution is to document all of the crafts and things i make for this year. I have a whole list of things i want to make as well. it consists of about 80 things. so to begin my first blog of 2009 here are some pictures of our craft room/sunroom.