Thursday, July 19, 2007

new hobby

I have decided to start a blog simply for the opportunity to show off the things I am making and the things going on in my life.. I have finally found a hobby that I really enjoy and I really hope that it sticks around for a while. (a long while) It helps keep me sane while matt works and releives the tension from the day I had.

this picture is the first completed non clothing item i have done.. I got the pattern from a sewing forum. i have no clue why i cut the corners off. but i thought it was pretty good for my first attempt..

The second picture is of a modified version of the first wallet. I didnt take into account some measurements so i had to rip seams about 6 times but it turned out pretty good..

I have also made some little wristlet purses. and here is one of them. they are about 6 inches wide.

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Hannah said...

that stuff is really cute! u're SO talented! ;o)